Test urself, r u doing what u love???

Title seems to be confusing to reader that what m gonna write? I m not great person to recognize by everybody…but for me I m the only one, who is most important person in the world. This is the right way to think about ourselves,otherwise no one can live in this uncertain world. what do u think about urself? ask to urself following questions….

  1. R u the person who is most respected, according to ur soul???
  2. R u the person to whom u love most??
  3. R u the person u think is succesful??
  4. R u the person u think enjoying the life??
  5. R u the person u think most happiest in the world??
  6. R u the person u think achieved everything??
  7. R u the person u think doing what he/she wants or loving to do??

Obviously all of the answers r not yes….if all of them r yes then u r lying to urself….

my all answers are also not yes!!!

Do u recognize anything??? plz write ur ans on a sheet…u may get yes/no combination….what is the last one…plz be true…is it yes??? or no???

-If it is yes then dont worry…someday ur all answers will be yes…bcoz other answers are in progress state in the direction of yes…but…

-If it is no then u r in wrong direction……

whats ur answer then??? my answer is NO. i dont know what i want to do still now!!!

Really thats my problem that i dont know yet what i love to do….except reading books, and writing blogs, diaries etc….